Our Services

Sunday 8:00 A.M. & 10:30 A.M.

Wednesday 7:00 P.M.

Our Services



Zion worship services follow the Lutheran Litergy 

  • Invocation
  • Confession and Absolution
  • Kyrie
  • Hymn of Praise
  • Word of God and Sermon
  • Creed
  • Offertory
  • Sanctus
  • Words of Our Lord
  • Agnus Dei
  • Distribution
  • Nunc Dimittis
  • Benediction

There are several serivce settings used at various times of the year. Our services are in the Lutheran Service Book.


We offer communion at both Sunday services and the first Wednesday of the month evening service. 

Taking Communion

If you are not a confirmed member of Zion we ask that you speak with Pastor Hromowyk prior to taking communion. 


Zion uses the Lutheran Service Book for Order of Service and hymns. There are 636 hymns in the LSB.  For more information you can look at the Concordia Publishing House web site. 


Zion follows the Traditional Lectionary, Litergy, Hymns of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Our services would be familiar to anyone attending a LCMS church.