To the Faithful congregation of Zion,

As I come to the end of my vicarage, it has left me to ponder on a lot of things that have happened in the last year. Being placed at Zion has been such a blessing that when some of you have asked me if I’m ready to go back to Seminary you have heard the answer, “No.” Now I know that the end must come, and I am prepared to leave this faithful and caring congregation. Before I do so I would like to share what I have learned this last year.

The first thing I have learned is what a faithful congregation looks like. Coming to Columbus I had no idea what to expect, especially being a Michigan fan (Go Blue!). But from my first day here you have shown me what a church that is faithful to the Scriptures really looks like. It was a breath of fresh air to see the wonderful community and the love for God’s Word that each of you have. You have taught me to appreciate the liturgy for what it is worth, and also see how it can help grow and sustain Christ’s church.

A second thing I learned is the love you show to your pastor, which trickles down to the Vicar. You show how to properly care for your pastor and I hope that my future congregation shows the same. As you showed love to your pastor you have showed love and hospitality to me and my family. I appreciate this beyond measure. It is telling that Zion has a wonderful family structure with the number of children that are running around after service. My daughter may be too young to remember how wonderful a church it is here, but Abbey and I will be sure to remind her of the care and love you gave to her, too.

A third thing I learned is how encouraging you are to me as I grow and learn as a Vicar. You have shown so much love and encouragement to me that I could never return the favor. From bearing with my struggles through chanting, which I never thought in 100 years that I would ever do, to encouraging me after my sermons and Bible Studies. This encouragement has helped me focus on my crafting of sermons and how to articulate the scriptures and makes me want to do better moving forward.

Lastly, I must give thanks to my supervisor Pastor Hromowyk for dealing with my immaturity and “zoomerish” talk, as he likes to call it. He has helped shape me to be more faithful to scripture and even more so as a man. You have a faithful pastor who is guided by God’s Word alone, and who views his duty as Pastor in the highest regard. With that I am thankful to have been under his leadership.

I still have much to learn and grow as I head into my fourth year of seminary to (Lord willing) my first call. I pray that you continue to be faithful to the teaching of God’s Word and to the Church at large. Zion has so much to offer the broader community of German village and the Columbus area. The mission of God is still at work and the Lord is forever growing His Church. Thank you for the wonderful year and great times that you have given to my family and me. To God be all the glory and honor.

Vicar Hinojosa

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